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FCO Guided Tours

31st of March / 9th of April 2015

@Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office invited DPAAL members to get an exclusive guided tour to their historical buildings in Charles Street, including the famous Fine Rooms, and to meet members of the Press team at the Media Center for coffee/tea and homemade cakes.

Today, all of the buildings around the quadrangle at King Charles Street house the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. When first built in the mid 19th century the buildings housed four government departments: the Home Office, the Colonial Office, the India Office and the Foreign Office.

The two tours took us through the “Fine Rooms” of the former India Office and Foreign Office. The “Fine Rooms” are some of the most beautiful rooms in the building and are now used for meetings, receptions and other events following a programme of restoration in the late 20th century.

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